Pesky Little Brother Yanks Sister’s Tooth Out When She Hesitates To Throw Doll

June 13, 2018

Losing a tooth is a pretty big deal for every kid. It’s never easy to do it by yourself, so a little bit of help is always welcome! Well, almost always!

A young girl has a loose tooth, and she is very much afraid to pull it out. So she takes her favorite doll to help her out. There’s on more eager assistant next to her. Her little brother. Everything is set! The doll is tied to her loose tooth with a string, and all she has to do now is pull it. However, she is scared. Her mom encourages her to drop it, but she keeps hesitating. And when she doesn’t do it herself, her tot brother pushes the doll out of her hands and her tooth comes out! LOL!

OMG! Siblings can be so cruel! I can’t help but wonder if he is going to be as brave when the time comes for pulling his loose teeth! I am sure he’ll be even more scared than his big sister. Maybe these two had a fight and now the little brother wants to get things even! Or maybe he just wants to be a dentist which is why he needs a guinea pig to practice on. LOL! Well, he does have a steady hand and no hesitation whatsoever. That’s a good start. Now, all he needs for the successful dentist career is to study hard, and there he goes! He’ll be able to pull teeth all day long! LOL!

If you have siblings, you probably know this dynamic. An older sister and younger brother can be a difficult combination at a young age. Siblings often fight in childhood, and they don’t need a lot of reasons to start a quarrel. They’d fight over everything – toys, friends, playtime, dinner, launch, breakfast, chores, school… However, in the end, it all comes to one – they both want undivided parents’ attention. That’s the root of problems.

But, once they grow up, the story changes. Siblings take care of each other, looking after one another, and forget all about childhood fights, rivalry, and jealousy. When they outgrow small pettiness, all left is love. And the love between siblings is very special. It is so strong and unique, and rarely can be broken. It is really amazing having a brother or a sister. Even if he or she pulls out your tooth. LOL!

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