Pet Monkey Acts Like Toddler And Says “No”

December 7, 2017


This pet monkey is like a person! I could watch him saying “No” to his owner all day long! First of all, I need to break down what I’m looking at: this is a seemingly normal household. There is a leather couch and a bookshelf in the back!  So how in the heck did this monkey get in?!
This owner lives in a part of the country where they allow monkeys as household pets, but that’s not the case everywhere.

There are only certain states that allow monkeys as pets, and unfortunately for me, California is not one of them. The good news is, there are 17 states that have no restrictions against owning a monkey. But taking on a pet monkey can be a huge commitment as they live 20-40 years. They also don’t ever grow up or mature like humans do, so they are like permanent toddlers.
The pet monkey here is exuding toddler-like behavior which is not abnormal at all. No matter what his owner says to try and get the toy back, you cannot reason with the monkey. He keeps saying, “No!”

It sure is funny though! I can tell you right now, that poor dog is not getting his toy back anytime soon. Talk about high maintenance! That’s just how monkeys are though. They require special diets and their meals can take some serious time to prepare. It’s like having a baby! Only it’s a baby that belongs in the wild and wasn’t made to be domesticated.

Monkeys can be aggressive, even if they were sweet, dependent babies in the beginning. They have a tendency to bite and they can deliver some nasty ones. It’s unpredictable so you are taking a risk if you have one as a pet. The one in the video looks friendly though! That is, until you take the dog’s toy from him…LOL!

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