Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Quite Get On The Bed

May 25, 2018

This video is funny in an “aww” kind of way. It should make you smile. Just enjoy this adorable little pit bull puppy that is attempting to jump up to the bed in his owner’s bed from the dog bed. However, it appears he might not be strong enough to make the leap or he is coming at it from a bad angle. Still, it is cute to watch him attempt the leap.

Alright, enough about this pit bull puppy. He is adorable, you should totally scroll down and check out the video. Let’s talk about something else though, something dog related. So, for followers of this blog, you might know that one of us, has two dogs. That someone is I. Maybe you can tell the difference between our writing styles as you read the various blogs. Anyway, I have a small dog that is sweet and wants to cuddle all of the time but is scared of people. When we have friends over we have to lock him up until he is used to hearing people in the house.

But then, we have another big dog that is also sweet but absolutely hates every single other animal in the world that is not our little dog, apparently it’s a breed thing. It is, a strange dichotomy that we have to deal with daily, especially on walks through the neighborhood. All I want to put out there is that I wish people were more considerate with their dogs. So many people just let their dogs come up and investigate my dogs. I am not about to be involved in a dog fight because some people do not understand that not every dog is friendly. Anyway, that’s all.

Do you have funny videos of puppies trying to climb things or jump high? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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