Pitch Perfect Dog Nails The High Notes In Singing Lesson With Owner

September 10, 2018

This dog is pitch perfect! He hits all the high notes! Did you know that most small dogs actually LOVE to sing?  It’s hard to believe until you’ve seen a little furball howl along practicing his scales like the adorable little pup in this video.  

I can actually relate to this scene 100%.  Watching this video takes me back to the days when I took singing lessons and my little pup would howl along with me when I practiced at home.  

Here’s what you may not know:  Learning to sing takes a ton of hard work and requires daily vocal exercises that will make your friends, family, and neighbors hate you.

If you want the people in your life to like you, make sure you practice your singing exercises when no one else is home except your dog.   I actually felt bad for my little pooch at first too, having to listen to my loud shrieking and belting for an hour every day.  But I quickly realized that she actually liked my singing!  My first (and only) fan!

She would sit on my bed as I would stand up and belt out long, high pitched notes and watch me with curiosity.  Then, she started joining in with me, howling along as I would hold each note for as long as I could without going blue in the face.   It actually became a fun game for us!

This musical pup loves singing along with his owner and practicing his sharp vocal skills!

Just like my furry best friend, this super cute pooch loves caroling along with his owner as she plays the piano to guide them.   What a fantastic duet they make!  It’s clear that they are more than just companions, they’re singing partners and best friends.  This pup has mastered his tone and proudly performs his incredible singing right along with his owner who just might be a music teacher herself. 

Can you imagine how fun parties would be at their house!  Everyone gathers around the piano to hear this lady and her pooch perform countless musical numbers together for hours of entertainment.  I hope she doesn’t have another dog in the house, because I would bet that he would be super jealous of her singing relationship with this little doggy.  There’s no better way to bond with your music-loving owner than to sing right along with her and enjoy practicing music together.   

I bet these two have built up quite a collection of songs to sing together for the camera.  I really hope she has a YouTube channel because the whole world deserves to see this talented pup howling along with his owner as she plays the piano!  This dog would definitely go viral and probably would become the most famous singing dog in the world!  

Who knew that dogs actually loved to sing so much?!  Usually, the only time you get to hear them howl is when a siren drives by or fireworks are loudly exploding in the sky (or they just hide under a chair LOL!)  Dogs are truly so much more than just companions, especially when they love joining in and singing with you!

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