Plot Twist Reveals Man’s Best Friend And Fetch Partner Is Actually A Squirrel

June 13, 2018

In a major turn of events, it turns out that man’s best friend is no longer a dog. I know…how can we even bear it?! His new best friend is actually a squirrel! I’ll explain and break down the video. Just bear with me for a little while.

We all know that our canine friends love playing fetch, and they can’t wait for a wonderful sunny day to go outside with their hooman friend and play fetch. It’s such a fun activity, and when you play it with someone as adorable as a dog, it’s absolutely perfect. But, you’ve probably never seen a squirrel play fetch with a hooman. Yes, you read it right. This man is in his house, and he is playing fetch with a SQUIRREL! How? Why? Teach us, master! I would love to even come near a squirrel, but each time I come close, they run away. WHYYYYY? I think having a pet like this would be a dream come true! Imagine how amazing that would be. Ahhh! This man is so lucky. Not only does he have a squirrel as a pet, but he even has an adorable orange feline friend.

And now, let’s break down the video. A man has a small red ball in his hands and he rolls it across the house. A squirrel goes chasing after it, as a lazy orange cat watches. The squirrel brings the ball back, and is playing a good ol game of fetch with the man! Who knew that squirrels were so playful?! It’s pretty adorable! Dogs are out, squirrels are in! Just kidding, of course!

I am a huge fan of our canine friends and think there’s nothing that could ever replace them. Playing with a squirrel really is an exciting experience, and it looks like so much fun! But dogs, are dogs. And nothing could ever take their place. Don’t you agree with me?

However, I have an even better idea. Why not have a canine and a feline friend, and a squirrel? Now that’s a dream combination! I can already picture all of them going outside and playing fetch together. That would be such a precious sight. Great…now I have to go get myself a cat and a squirrel. YAY!

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