Pooch Pal Has Major Freak-Out When Owner Suggests Park

February 21, 2018

Dogs love themselves some park; this should not be a controversial statement. That is because, in most cases, the idea of the park is very appealing to a dog. Evoking the splendid grassy place upon where other dogs will be frolicking, the tennis balls flow like wine, with countless squirrels just waiting to be growled at usually doesn’t elicit an ambiguous, hard-to-gauge reaction from our canine friends. But in this case, “usually” is the operative phrase.
This dog owner was NOT expecting this reaction when he asked his pup if he wanted to go to the dog park!

A straightforward question is often met with a straightforward answer. Anyone who’s spent time around dogs can easily recognize an affirmative “yip” versus a discouraged whine or angry growl. But who knows what this dog is thinking?!

It starts out as a gurgling chirp, followed by an abruptly gruff clearing of the throat, then into a more gargling noise that resembles something that would come out of a sheep, or even goat. After another huff, the pup then starts braying like a donkey or mule, still sounding like he’s swishing some mouthwash at the same time.
I can’t tell if he’s for it, against it, or possessed by a bird! LOL

This video makes you feel a lot of things at once: sadness for the dog’s pleading tone, concern that he may not enjoy the park, bewilderedness at trying to believe what you’re seeing, and of course, humor at the strangest of sounds coming out of a dog’s mouth!

Ultimately, I’m left not knowing what to think. The hopeful side of me wants to believe the dog actually loves the park and just has a strange way of expressing it. Either way, this is one pooch that gets me every time.

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