Poor Guy Commits Valentine’s Day Fail Like None Other

February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Much like gift giving, sometimes Valentine’s Day is really all about the ‘thought that counts.’ You don’t have to send me anything fancy or expensive. Trust me, no one does. But it’s just nice to be considered on a holiday devoted to love. Plus, those candy hearts don’t hurt. But every once in a while, a valentine message goes awry. What do I mean by that? Oh, cupid’s arrow sometimes misses its mark. If you’d like to see a classic example of a misguided valentine’s message, check out the video below. Because this poor guy commits a Valentine’s Day fail like none other!

Literally several things go wrong in this video!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not hating on the guy in this video! He seems like a cool dude and we wish him nothing but the best. But here’s the problem. This guy fancies a girl and he wants to make her feel special. Awesome! And in order to make her feel special, he decides to record him singing a song for her. No, it’s not a song he wrote, he’s karaoking the song. And no, he’s not a good singer at all.

Does someone wanna buy him a tuner?

Okay, so the singing isn’t the best. He’s a little out of tune. I mean, really out of tune. In fact, you might even wanna turn the volume of your computer down for the singing duration. But hey, we’re not all talented singers. Let’s chock the singing fail up to ‘he’s trying his best.’ I’m sure the lady receiving the video will be happy nonetheless. Especially if her headphones are broken that day. 

Believe it or not, things go downhill even more once the singing ends!

Once he finishes his song, he winks to the camera. Nice move, very sly. But then he goes to sit down on the chair behind him and misses it completely. So the last thing you see in the video is him falling on his butt. Looks like it might’ve hurt but he’s probably too lovestruck to care. I guess my only question becomes, how did we get our hands on this blooper!? I’m sure he wouldn’t have sent it. Does that mean he still sent it to her? Has he ever heard of a second take? Dude, it’s your apartment, you can do as many ‘do-overs’ as you’d like! Then again, maybe he’s found himself a girl who’s really sweet and understands that no one is perfect. She loves him despite his… singing shortcomings. 

Even though this is a Valentine’s Day fail, this guy really captures the spirit of the holiday. Showing someone you care. Yes, there are certainly other ways he could’ve accomplished this more artfully. But the fact that he pushes his boundaries is what makes it so special. We applaud you! Here’s hoping the lady loved her video! And if you have any Valentine’s Day fails you’d like to share with us, send em HERE!

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