This Adorable Pug Really Loves His Popsicle

March 14, 2016

Some dogs just have a gift for comedy, even if they may not know it! Now that we think about it, there are several pups who are masters of comedy and have mastered the art of hilarity! From slapstick, comedic timing, and physical comedy, some dogs just have a natural talent for it all!
Here’s a popsicle lover we can all relate to!

Take this adorable pup for example! This little guy has a very big tongue and is not afraid to include it in his comedy repertoire! This little guy sure knows how to take full advantage of physical comedy in this super funny clip as he tries to eat a popsicle with his extra large tongue. Maybe it’s time that we introduce the world to our first canine comedians!

He really loves his popsicle! And who could blame him? We wouldn’t mind having one right now. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold, it is always time for a popsicle! This adorable little pug was lucky enough to have his owner give him this delicious treat.
Breed treated like royalty. 

Pugs are an ancient breed and they have been with us for a while now. Today we adore them, and that was the case long ago as well. Emperors of China has pugs as their lapdogs and they enjoyed their royal treatement. Some of them even had their amazing mini palaces and guards.

This adorable pug in the video may not have his own mini palace, but he is definitely enjoying all luxuries of royal life. His human friend is feeding him one of his amazing treats – a popsicle. And who can say that this is not a good life? This pug seems to love it!

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