Pouncing Poodle Hops Up And Down Like Bunny For Glimpse Of Fresh Baked Cookies

June 13, 2018

Ah, our canine friends and all those funny things they do. Can we ever get enough of them and these hilarious videos? I think not. Each video of them is so precious, and I don’t ever want to stop watching them. And the one we have today is as adorable and as hilarious! You absolutely have to check it out. And it will have you laughing all day long!

Dogs are such incredibly funny creatures! That’s a fact we’re all aware of. And we couldn’t be happier because of that. They make every day so much interesting. Even some ordinary activities become hilarious when they join in. They know how to put on a show even when they are not really trying to! Just like the one in this video! He is so adorable and funny!

Prepare to meet the cutest pup ever who absolutely adores cookies. He loves them so much that he’s ready to do whatever it takes to grab some. And who could blame him? I remember being in the exact same situation so many times. Especially when I’m on a diet. Then I find myself going around the kitchen counter all day long, just dreaming about grabbing one of those delicious cookies.

So, the hilarious pouncing poodle in this video seems to be the biggest fan of cookies I’ve ever seen. But his hooman mom obviously knows that, so she put the batch of fresh baked cookies high on the kitchen counter so her cute pup cannot reach them. LOL! But the pup is so inpatient, that while the cookies are cooling on the racks on the counter, he keeps jumping up and down like a bunny hopping to snitch one. LOL! Sound familiar, ha? I have to say my pup is just the same! But unlike this one, she is much bigger, so hiding the cookies from her is almost impossible!

Even though cookies are amazing, they aren’t really healthy for our canine friends. So it’s completely understandable why this woman had to put them away from her adorable pouncing poodle. However, there are other hooman foods that are completely healthy for them. Let’s take salmon for example. It’s equally as delicious but it’s much healthier for them.

Do you have a hilarious video you think we should see? Share it with us! Upload it HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below.

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