Powerful Roller Coaster Makes Young Woman Faint Midair

February 7, 2018

Sometimes you don’t realize you’re afraid of something until you’re thrown into a particular situation for the first time. Amusement park rides, for example, are hard to gage unless you’ve been on one before. So perhaps when this young woman first got onto this amusement park ride, she wasn’t fully aware of the thrill she was about to undergo.
This girl and her friend decided to test out the reverse bungee ride. It doesn’t seem like she’s ridden THIS ride before.

The reverse bungee, also known as the Skyscreamer or the Slingshot, is a two passenger car that is held to the ground with an electromagnet. The steel cables create tension until the electromagnet is turned off. Once turned off, the car is rocketed into the air with a g-force of anywhere from 3 to 5 Gs.

It’s a bit like going tandem bungee jumping. I’ll admit, I’ve never been on one before and having seen this girl’s reaction, I’m not sure I want to. Though… It does seem funny. Maybe not for me, but for whoever is riding with me.
The ride LAUNCHES the girls into the air! She’s SCREAMING like bloody murder! Wait… She stopped… Did she just PASS OUT??

She begins the ride screaming like a banshee. Her eyes are so wide it’s a wonder they didn’t fall out of her head! Meanwhile, her friend looks like she’s having the ride of her life. About halfway through the ride, the girl’s screaming stops and her head flops to the side. She fainted!

This might seem scary, but losing consciousness due to g-forces isn’t unheard of. G-LOC, or G-force induced loss of consciousness, most often happens to pilots or astronauts during flight, but it can often happen on amusement park rides like the reverse bungee.

Luckily, she wakes up as the ride winds down. She seems to recover herself towards the end. But will her reputation ever recover from her friend’s laughter? Probably not.

Have you had any hilarious amusement park mishaps? Upload HERE.


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