Prank Goes Terribly Wrong When Target Freaks Out And Runs Through Glass Door

May 16, 2018

Whatever was in that toilet must’ve been very, very scary.

Talk about a prank gone wrong. Maybe next time you prank this guy, open all the doors and windows so he doesn’t go flying through any of them. Here’s a video of a guy who doesn’t take well to being pranked. You might be wondering, “What’s the prank?” Well, we never really find out. All we see is our target walk into the bathroom, open the toilet lid, slam it shut and then freak out. I’m dying to know what was in there. An alligator? A toilet bowl full of spiders? Maybe someone just forgot to flush and he’s a germaphobe and couldn’t handle the smell. Perhaps we’ll never know and it doesn’t really matter because the guys reaction is the real show.

After the whole toilet debacle, the guy books it out of the bathroom. He bolts through the living room and outside to get some fresh air. Problem is, no one opened the glass patio door. So he runs *through* the glass door to get outside. Glass shatters and goes everywhere, including potentially in that guy’s hair or whatever. (For what it’s worth, he’s just fine. It’s not a graphic video at all!) Everyone present emits a mix of hilarious jubilation that they just pranked their friend, and sheer panic that he ran through a glass door to get away. There’s a few shrieks that are hard to determine whether they’re laughter or “Should I call 911?” yelps. Either way, this dude isn’t a fan of toilets or glass doors, so next time we prank him, maybe do it somewhere he can’t hurt himself.

Do you have video of a prank gone wrong? Ideally one that wasn’t hazardous! If so, send them to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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