Precocious T-Ball Boy Line Drives Plastic Baseball At Grandma’s Face

April 6, 2018

Baseball is classic sport that many little kids learn to play almost from the moment that they can walk. Which means that there are lots of plastic T-ball sets for the future home run hitter.
This little boy might have a future in the pros, he has got a solid swing…

This little boy is at a family gathering in a park. Grandparents, aunts and uncles are sitting at a table with their drinks and snacks. We think this might be a birthday party for the little boy since everyone is watching him. A man steps into frame and sets up a T-ball set for the little boy. The boy has a big plastic yellow bat. His T-ball set is plastic with a blue base and a red balance pole. There are a ton of toys surrounding the kid. It’s almost surprising that the dad has found a space to even put the T-ball base. Unfortunately for everyone involved the man does not show the little boy which way to stand.
Unfortunately for grandma, he doesn’t know which way to face when he takes his cuts!

The boy stands with his left arm to his grandparents and winds up for his swing. Somehow no one noticed that the boy was facing the tables. The boy takes his cut and the ball goes flying toward the tables and pings off of a grandmother’s face who is sitting closest to the t-ball set. Fortunately for everyone involved the t-ball set is plastic and the kid isn’t hitting 400-foot homers right now. The ball goes flying away. This is what finally prompts the man to move the t-ball set and get the kid to face other directions.

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