Pug Steals Toilet Paper For His Stash Of Stolen Goods

May 17, 2018

There are a number of items in our households that dogs really seem to enjoy stealing from socks and shoes to toilet paper and water bottles. The little pug in this video is a fan of stealing toilet paper and apparently has stash that hides under his owner’s bed. I do love that he leaves a trail of paper behind him as he disappears under the bed. Maybe he is really into nesting.

So why do dogs steal certain things like toilet paper? Like most things there a number of reasons as to why dogs steal things from you. Some dogs steal because they enjoy chewing certain objects like toilet paper or shoes. Sometimes they do it because they are hungry. It is actually the main reason dogs steal toilet paper because they like eating paper products. Though it’s best if you don’t let them eat the paper because it can block up their intestines. Other dogs like stealing because it is a way for them to get attention from their owners.

In some cases, it is because they love the chase. In others it is because they are playing a strange kind of game of hide and seek. If you don’t want your dog stealing your toilet paper it is best to create boundary rooms that the dog is not actually allowed to go in. For example, in my house the dogs are not allowed to go in our kitchen or our bathrooms. Now, if we are in any of those rooms the dogs sit at the edge of the room but they don’t enter. It’s a bit of training that I highly recommend.

Do you have funny videos of dogs stealing or trying to steal things? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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