Adorable Dog In A Fight To The Death With Doorstop

February 11, 2019

You probably already know this, but some dogs are better guard dogs than others. Let’s be honest, we love our dogs. But some are a little cowardly. AFV has posted innumerable videos of dogs cowering in fear from bugs, porcelain statuettes and even a slice of pizza once. On the flip side, some guard dogs are extremely overzealous. They’re overly aggressive and willing to tackle any perceived threat to the household. These videos tend to be very cute because they feature our brave warrior battling some entirely innocuous object. And this video is our favorite example of such. Sit back and get ready to enjoy the adorable dog in a fight to the death with a doorstop!

I’m gonna say this fight was a draw.

I wonder what about the doorstop drew this dog’s ire in the first place. Maybe it’s the noise it makes when it’s hit. There is a dull metallic noise we’ve all heard after stubbing our toe on one. Maybe the fact that it moves for just a second then becomes still, mimicking prey in the wild. Then again, maybe it was just one of these moments where the dog was walking around the house trying to show his worth by attacking something. Either way, he’s engaged in quite a battle with the doorstop that doesn’t appear to be going the way he wants. It would probably be really frustrating to fight the doorstop because no matter how many times you engage it, no matter how many times you bite it, that thing just keeps coming back for more. It’s not like the mouse you cornered in the backyard that died of fright. Doorstops never give up!

Their fight is almost as hypnotic as it is adorable.

For how long do you think this went on? It’s so adorable when our pets find a worthy adversary, like the laser pointer, that they have immeasurable energy to fight. Whenever we break out the laser pointer, our cat will literally fight it until the batteries run out. And that seems to be the case with this dog and the doorstop. I’m guessing this went on for another four hours until his teeth got sore from scratching against the metal. Part of me feels for the dog because he’ll never be able to conquer it. The other part finds it so adorable I never want it to end.

Be honest, who do you think wins?

This is what pets are all about. They’re basically permanent two year olds who bounce around the house doing the silliest things and making us laugh at every turn. It cheers me up every time my dog cowers in fear from the vacuum cleaner. It’s so irrational and hilarious at the same time. I love videos like this because they remind us how lucky we are to have these adorable beasts in our lives. Do you have a video of your overzealous guard dog you’d like to share? Or one of your dog cowering in fear? Send em all HERE!

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