Puppy Learning To Use Stairs With No Success

February 1, 2016

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It’s not easy being young and tiny. When you’re still a toddler, it’s difficult to walk, run, you fall all the time, everybody is bigger, faster, and more skilled than you. The puppy from our video has the same problem. You must admit, from the perspective of a toddler or a pup, the world isn’t such a friendly place. Just take a look at the video of a puppy learning to use stairs. This cutie is so small, it’s no wonder that stairs scare it so much! But here comes a plot twist, faced with an impossible obstacle, this pup chose to try something different!
This little pup doesn’t believe in taking the hard way!

Afraid to take the daunting stairs, he opts to take the easier option instead: diving headfirst into the bushes! Sure it might not have been the smoothest route, but his leap of faith definitely got the job done. Plus, it gave us a lot of smiles. It looks like it’s about to fly and then boom! It’s in the bushes! Trust us, you’re going to hit that replay button just to see it one more time. Sooo hilarious! Luckily, these stairs had a bush next to them. We hope this little bud will soon learn how to properly use stairs, so it doesn’t get hurt.
This puppy learning to use stairs really brighten our day!

This puppy learning to use stairs is amazing but if this video isn’t enough for your daily dose of cuteness, we got you covered! CLICK HERE and you’ll see the amazing video of newborn Golden retriever puppies. They are only seven days old and so cute that we would snuggle them all day long!

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