The Evolution Of The Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

November 20, 2018

If you’ve ever prepared a giant Thanksgiving dinner for your family, then you know how much work goes into it!  From grocery shopping to cooking the perfect turkey, there is so much that has to be done.  And so many opportunities to totally blow it!  This is the evolution of the Thanksgiving turkey dinner from start to finish!

Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner is like Supermarket Mania… grab the cart and GO!

When you’re grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, it can feel more like you’re a contestant on a game show racing against the clock!  And don’t forget about the other shoppers who are on the same mission.  It can feel like a total zoo at the grocery store before Thanksgiving!

Wheeling the cart up and down the aisles grabbing everything from green beans to stuffing mix is so stressful, especially when the kids think the cart is a jungle gym.  Your only mission is to not screw up and forget something simple like the cranberry sauce.  But with all the chaos around you at the grocery store, it’s a wonder if you make it out alive with everything you need!

Be careful where you swing that massive cleaver when you’re carving the turkey!

It may seem like a task anyone can pull off, but if you’ve ever tried to carve a whole turkey, then you know how messy and complicated it can be.  Just ask the guy in this video…watch out what’s above you when you go swinging that giant knife around.  You might just shatter the chandelier!  Yikes!

Don’t forget that turkey makes you sleepy.  Very, very sleepy.  After stuffing yourself full of turkey and mashed potatoes, it’s basically impossible to keep your eyes awake long enough for pumpkin pie!  Watch these hilarious videos of people totally passed out after they stuff their faces full of turkey.  LOL!

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