Redneck Creates Rollercoaster Ride Made Of Just A Leaf Blower And Spinning Stool

June 13, 2018

Who needs theme parks when you can make your own rollercoaster at home? Yep. That’s possible if you have a lot of imagination. And of course, if you are brave enough.

Everybody loves a good DIY project. We can all agree that do-it-yourself projects are so much fun. They offer you a chance to activate your imagination and get creative. And that’s exactly what the guy from this funny video did! You’re in for a treat!

This video shows the funniest DIY project that you have ever seen! This hilarious guy is sitting in a spinning chair and holding a leaf blower. This scene might seem a little crazy to you, but it’ll all make sense in a minute. The leaf blower is on, and its purpose is to push the guy around in circles! OMG! That’s a DIY rollercoaster! LOL! How cool is that?

But, of course, this had to end in fail! How else? LOL! All of a sudden, the man loses his balance and falls off the chair. Game over! He was destined to fall off that chair at some point from the very beginning! So hilarious! Kids, please, don’t try this at home!

This DIY most definitely included a couple of beer cans. LOL. I’d like to know how they came to this idea in the first place! Perhaps, they wanted to go to Disneyland, but it was too far, so they’ve decided to make fun by themselves. However, what I’d like to know is how they managed to combine a leaf blower and a spinning stool! No matter how creative you are, there are certain things there’s no way to come on your mind. Making your own rollercoaster is one of those things.

Although this video is super crazy, DIY projects can be amazing! And people love them. Most of the people who like DIYs say that the most common thing they do is upcycling old furniture. Also, painting or wallpapering, are the most popular in the DIY community. However, no matter how hard I tried to find a person who knows how to make a rollercoaster out of your household items, I couldn’t make it. Apparently, only these two guys are the experts on this matter, although their project ended up in a glorious fail! LOL! Just hilarious!

Do you have a crazy DIY project you’d like to share? We’d love to see it! Upload your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch a funny video below!

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