Rescue Kitten Steals And Hides All Of Owner’s Toilet Paper

November 29, 2015

The mystery is solved as to why you run out of toilet paper so fast! This little rescue kitten is a certified TP Thief. Scratching post? No thanks. Cat toys? Puh-lease. This little cutie has one goal in mind and one goal only: Hoard all the toilet paper! We wish her owner captured on camera exactly where she was stashing the goods, but this 20-second footage is plenty to hold up as proof in court.

And you wonder why cat videos fuel the internet. It’s because the simplest moments of a kitty carrying toilet paper makes even the hardest of hearts giggle. Now if only she was also stealing all those missing socks…

Lost toilet paper can be replaced but a missing guinea pig? These next pet rivals can never get along, especially when it comes to napping in the same bed! If the cat can’t get what she wants, then sitting on her enemy is the next best thing. #CatLogic

Do you have a video of your furry friend? We wan to see it! Upload to the show HERE.


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