Sam The Stuffed Dog Goes on A Space Adventure

April 11, 2016

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Meet Sam the stuffed dog and the mascot of Morecambe Bay Primary School! This primary school along with Midland Hotel and partnered up to conduct a fun, space centered, educational project. So, Sam, the stuffed dog goes on a space adventure on behalf of Morecambe Bay Primary School and for the furthering of space exploration!
Sam The Stuffed Dog Has Gone Where No Other Stuffed Dog Has Ever Gone Before!

Sam was secured onto a helium balloon which he got to ride into the edge of space on April 5th. To make sure that the children of Morecambe Bay Primary School and other interested parties could keep track of Sam’s progress and share in on his harrowing space adventures, Sam got to take a camera with him on his journey! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to float up into the very edges of space, Sam the stuffed dog was able to record the entire trip up for you to see! And boy is it a beautiful sight!

Sam is one lucky stuffed dog! Just take a look at that view! It takes a lot of courage to take a risk and go somewhere that very few people (or stuffed dogs) have gone before, so we applaud Sam for his giant leap of faith into the edge of space!

Sam the stuffed dog is missing in space.

Posted by Mashable Science on Friday, April 8, 2016

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But, not all of the dogs are as lucky as Sam. Some need to stay home and do much more ordinary stuff than taking off to space for a research mission. But some of those duties are actually very important, like watching over the offspring! Just take a look at this big and super responsible dog HERE taking care of the puppy. Isn’t he a fantastic guardian dog?

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