Scaredy Cat Flies Higher Than A Tiny Drone

May 16, 2018

For whatever reason, that we can’t discern, cats love…well, love isn’t the right term. Cats are fascinated, that’s better, by drones. We have a surprising number of videos of curious cats investigating drones and being scared of them. Not all of them are funny, like this one is, but we are fascinated by cats being fascinated by drones. Admittedly, we are also enthralled by drones and always find them interesting to watch or watch videos produced by drones.

Technically, what most people have at home are quadcopters. Though drones is still an appropriate term. The first quadcopters were manned vehicles built in 1920. Most quadcopters and drones were manned vehicles. Though, there were remote radio planes during World War 2 that involved in information gathering and weapons. However, the drones that most people have in their homes today didn’t really arrive until the late 1990s. The first ones were actualy more like RC planes that the quadcopters that we know about today. Though the first quadcopter did appear in 1999 from Draganfly. Originally, these were aimed at hobbyists.

They came in kits that people had to build. Supposedly, there was a toy quadcopter in Japan in 1989 that could hover for three minutes. However, our understanding is that the current iterations of drones are evolutions from the Draganfly idea. We would argue that the camera carrying, Wi-Fi connected drones that most people have today didn’t come out until 2010 when the first Parrot AR.Drone. Though GoPro attached drones did not appear until 2015. So, really, we’ve only had beautiful drone videos and images for three years. Which in the scheme of things isn’t really that long of a time.

Do you have funny videos of cats being startled by things? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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