Showoff Kid Inflates Two Balloons With Just His Nostrils

June 13, 2018

“This is myself blowing balloons with my nose.” Says the phenomenal kid in the video, before he proceeds to do just that. He takes a deep, deep breath, and just like that, he’s off to the races. He exhibits a lung capacity that would make the likes of Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Hudson weep, but not for as long as time as this kid could. He huffs, and he puffs, and he proves to his parents they do not even need a helium tank to blow up balloons for his birthday, he can do it all himself (probably). Something that I personally found fascinating– and it was hard to pick just one thing, I assure you– is that people mostly only breathe out of one nostril. All this, and yet this multi-talented (multi, in this case, meaning more than one nostril) kid manages to blow out of both with enough air pressure and quantity to create two admirably blown-up balloons.

At first, he clearly favors the balloon on his left, making it much larger than the other. As soon as he notices the fatal error, however, he quickly rights it. This is a sure testament to his maturity and natural born skill as a nose-balloon-blower. This may or may not be related, but I now need to sneeze. I am fighting it off, I must be strong. Sneezing in public is no way to start out the day, and that is just the truth. If this kid sneezed, it would potentially jeopardize his livelihood, assuming that he sustains himself with blowing balloons up with his nose. If he does not, he is likely missing out on a fantastic opportunity. Follow your dreams, kids. If you do not, they might just blow away with your nose balloons, and you don’t want that. Trust me, from experience, you do not want that.

My need to sneeze has subsided, for now at least. I am thankful for this. That said, I fear that I may experience the need to sneeze again in my lifetime. It shall be “Sneeze 2: The Reckoning.” Perhaps followed by “Sneeze 3: Tokyo Drift.” That one is fun because I get to travel. It does however prove something important, and that is that noses are a universal trait. Whether they be big or small, narrow or wide, bumpy or not, green or blue, etc. they are all beautiful, and we mostly all have them. That brings us together in many ways. Not all of them, sure, but many of them. This kid helps us to remember that maybe we are not all that different. We can often forget this in today’s day and age, but as long as the majority of us still have noses, I think that we will be just fine. And if the majority of us do not have noses, yeah that is probably a bad sign.

Do you have any special nose skills? Or any other skills, really. We are not picky. That was a pun, and I’m not happy about it. If so, upload them HERE! And don’t forget to watch the awe-inspiring video below!

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