Twin Baby Sisters Get Sibling Rivalry Started With Key Ring Scuffle

April 12, 2018

What a blessing it is to have children in the house. They are beyond hilarious! And when you have twins, it’s double the adorable, double the hilarious! They just melted my heart! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Sharing is caring for these twins! Or maybe not…

We all know sharing is caring, but it takes time to learn it. When you’re a toddler, it’s normal to want all the toys just for yourself and hate when someone tries to take them from you. But, when twins are around, sooner or later they will realize they simply have to share. These two in our video are about to learn that. LOL!

These cute little twin baby girls are sitting in the living room and arguing over who gets to play with the key ring. And it’s a sight for sore eyes. So ADORABLE! They keep taking it from each other, and as soon as one gets it, the other one starts to cry. And then takes the key ring back! It’s a hilarious sight, and they are too cute for words. I assume they have a lot of toys in their house, but children often take ordinary things and turn them into toys. Like this key ring for example. Who would have thought it could be so interesting? And the funniest thing of all, both of them love it! They enjoy playing with the key ring so much, and they don’t want to share.
Let go of the key ring, I’m warning you! How adorable!

Nothing cuter than watching siblings play. And especially these two! Even though twins argue like this from time to time, they have a special bond no key ring can stand in between. Did you know that twins start interacting with each other while still in the womb? How amazing!

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