Sleep Overtakes Little Girl Just Trying To Enjoy Her Pizza

May 4, 2018

When it comes to little kids and the need for sleep you never know when naptime is going to strike. Sure, there are the naptimes that we adults wish our children and babies would actually take. But it is not really up to us. That said, naptime is not really up to the kids either. We are sure that if they had their choice they would not have naptime. They would play all day. But their tiny bodies need an amazing amount of sleep. A new born baby needs at least 17 hours of sleep.

Toddlers, like we assume the age we assume the kid in this video is, require at least 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day. Some toddlers depending on their natural rhythms can require even more up to 16 hours of sleep. It is why parents come across toddlers and little kids just passed out in strange places and in strange positions all around your house. How many times have you as a parent run into your sleeping toddler in a strange position like half-standing with their face on the couch or twisted around toys that they were playing with before sleep over took them.

The little girl in this video was in the middle of lunch when naptime overtook her. She is trying to eat her little slice of pizza but sleep knocks her out. But she couldn’t put the pizza down in time. Instead, it hangs out of her mouth while her head lolls around during her sudden nap. Her dad calls out to her to make her wake up a bit but nope, this kid is out cold. I wonder if she ate her pizza when she woke back up.

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