Sleepy Dog Keeps Dozing Off While Sitting Upright

June 12, 2018

Dogs don’t like to miss a thing, Especially fun. That’s why they don’t always like going to sleep. Sure, dogs sleep a lot. But only when there’s nothing else to do! Like, whenever everyone is in bed, my dog will sleep. But whenever there’s activity in the house, they want to be apart of it! But whenever a dog is afraid they’re going to miss something while they’re sleeping, they end up dozing off like the dog in this video.

Check out this dog, sitting on the couch with the TV playing in the background. It’s clearly late, the dog next to him is already snoozing. It really would be okay if this dog just went to sleep. But no! He won’t lie down, won’t go to sleep! He’ll just keep dozing off like he’s my mom on the couch at night. She can’t keep her eyes open past 8pm! He’s just going to keep sitting like he’s currently sitting, and in the off chance his eyelids get a little too heavy and they start to close and he drifts off to sleep, he’ll just wake himself back up! And sit upright again. No harm in that. That way, he’s ready to jump into the action if something exciting starts happening.

Have you ever seen your dog do something like this? My dog likes sleeping quite literally on top of me. That’s because if I move, which means something fun is about to happen, I’ll wake him up. It’s essentially like I’m acting as his alarm clock. He doesn’t want to miss a thing. Most dogs are like that, they’re very social animals. Even if your dog doesn’t sleep on you like mine does, you’re probably used to coming downstairs in the morning and seeing your dog eager to hang out and have fun! I guess that’s their job, fun makers.

I wonder if this dog always sleeps like this. Maybe he just never likes lying down and so he’s always catching zzz’s sitting upright. He would certainly be a good watch dog in that case. He could even sleep at work and still get the job done. It’s funny, because dogs usually seem to sleep with one eye open anyway. Whenever there’s rustling in the bushes outside, somehow they know about it before everyone else. And they’re barking up a storm. Truly man’s best friend.

I hope this dog did eventually get some sleep. I imagine the temptation became strong enough that he eventually laid down. And then maybe he acted out his dreams. Have you ever seen a dog sleep walk before? Sometimes a dog has a dream about chasing a squirrel and they actually act it out while asleep! It’s their version of sleep walking and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Do you have a video of your dog fighting sleep? Or just snoozing in a really cute way? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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