Sleepy Dog Just Wants to Stay in Bed

December 6, 2016

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Waking up in the morning can be really challenging both for people and for their pets, especially for a sleepy dog. We all know that the hardest part is actually getting out of bed. Sometimes the small pillow talks might help to start the morning right.
What does a sleepy dog share with its owner in the morning?

It might be hard for us to understand dog language, although we can definitely feel their emotions, especially if you are a pet owner. Still, can we really communicate with them? Actually, every dog owner will tell you that their beloved four-legged family members speak with their voices and their bodies. We just need to learn to read the signals.

Apparently, this sleepy dog likes to start the morning with a round of hugging. But, just after that, the dog chooses to grab some more attention with a bit of whining. Can you guess what does he say?

Let’s see what that whining might mean. The dog experts say that dog’s whining might indicate different physical, mental, or emotional state of the dog. For example, if a dog is continually whining, he can be expressing some level of stress. But, this beautiful sleepy dog doesn’t seem stressed out, right? The next possible interpretation could be excitement. That’s so true! But this dog doesn’t look very excited about getting out of bed at all.  What can it be then?

We believe that this lovely sleepy dog just wants to stay in bed with his owner lady and keep cuddling throughout the morning. We can almost hear the words “Please don’t get up yet! Let’s stay in and enjoy the moment. Pretty please, don’t make me leave the bed!”. LOL!

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