Sleepy Little Boy Takes A Snooze While Eating His Sandwich

September 12, 2018

I’ll admit it, I’m definitely guilty of snacking in bed at night while I watch The Bachelor and snuggle up with my pup.  It’s a bad habit that I just can’t seem to kick even though I know you’re not supposed to eat after 8pm.  We all have our thing though, right?  One of the fastest ways to lose a couple pounds is to stop eating early before bedtime, and that’s no secret.  Every diet in the world tells you that if you eat dinner early and skip the midnight snacks, you’ll stay fit and trim.  But it’s SO hard not to munch on Pirate’s Booty popcorn in bed when you’re watching your favorite show!  

Popcorn is my thing, but this adorable little tot seems to love eating a sandwich in front of the tv at bedtime.

This cute little boy is chillaxin in front of the TV while munching on a delicious looking sandwich.  The only problem is, he might be a little too relaxed…

While it seems like he’s just slowly eating his sandwich, when you look a little closer, you can see that this kid is actually sleeping at the same time.  He’s SLEEP EATING!  A common problem among toddlers everywhere.  

I totally get it!  Sleeping and eating are my favorite activities too, so why not do them together?!  This little guy has got it made for sure.  

As he slowly takes each bite, he can barely chew because he’s snoring at the same time!  His eyes barely open enough to take each bite, then they close right back up again as he snoozes away. 

It’s hard to tell whether this adorable little boy is eating or sleeping!

It seems like he’s going to wake up after each bite, but nope!  ZZZ!  Back to sleep he goes as he slowly munches on each tiny bite of his sandwich.

This kid’s parents are laughing hysterically behind the camera as they watch their little dude doze off while he enjoys his favorite snack in bed.  I bet they are trying so hard not to wake him up with their giggles while they watch him snooze away and chew his sandwich at the same time.  The cuteness factor here is through the roof!  I’m sure his parents were so excited to find their little guy in bed slowly drifting off to sleep while trying to finish his dinner at the same time.  No kid wants to go to bed hungry, right?  But sometimes you just can’t hold your eyes open long enough to even finish your bedtime snack.  It’s hard work being a toddler, and they definitely need their rest to be able to play all day with their friends.

Laying in a comfy bed doesn’t help keep you wide awake when you’re exhausted from a day of crawling and playing with toys either.  This dude has an awesome fluffy bed and a soft pillow that would make it almost impossible for anyone to lay in and not fall asleep right away.  This little one is determined to finish his sandwich, so only his parents know who wins, the nap or the sandwich!

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