Smart Dog With Huge Stick In Mouth Manages To Get Unstuck On Bridge

June 13, 2018

Videos like this never get old. There’s nothing more adorable to me than a dog with a big stick in his mouth. Sometimes the stick is arguably way too big for him. My dog once basically picked up part of the tree trunk and carried it with him for one hundred feet or so. The “stick,” again it was really more of a trunk, was so heavy, that it was weighing his head down. So much so, in the last fifty feet or so, he was just dragging the trunk along the ground next to him. These animals must have really strong jaws to manage such a feat of strength. Anyway, my dog finally decided to abandon the tree trunk, probably because it was too heavy and it finally dawned on his he didn’t know why he was dragging it with him in the first place. It’s so funny how dogs collect sticks but they don’t really know what to do with them once they’ve collected them. Sure, they lie down and gnaw on it for a little while. But then they get tired or bored and move on to the next big stick.

This video features a dog with a five or six foot stick in his mouth and he’s trying to cross a pedestrian bridge over a babbling brook. Problem is, he doesn’t realize that the stick in his mouth is getting caught on the handrail of the pedestrian bridge. So he’s kind of stuck. His owner has crossed the bridge already and she keeps calling for him to “come.” You can tell he wants to, he’s whimpering and whining, already afraid of being left out. But he doesn’t want to abandon the stick just yet. But he doesn’t know enough geometry to figure out that the stick which is currently in his mouth is keeping him from crossing the bridge.

You can tell this is kind of an existential crisis for the dog. He’s wondering, questioning, what should he do? Should he abandon the stick? Or should he stay with the stick and catch up to his owner? These are all fair questions. But as luck would have it, just in the nick of time, he figures out how to cross the bridge! After some deep thought, the dog twists his head and brings most of the stick to within the bridge. It’s no longer getting caught on the handrail! That enables him to cross without getting snagged or caught. It’s a huge victory, a win win for dogs and animal lovers everywhere! The dog catches up to his owner, and gets to keep carrying the ten pound stick in his mouth. At least until perhaps a mile down the road when he gets bored of that stick and moves onto the next stick. Hey, it’s the circle of life.

Do you have a video of your dog struggling with a really big stick? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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