Smart Squirrel Learns To Politely Knock On Family’s Door For Daily Peanut Hand Out

June 6, 2018

When it comes to food, two things are certain. We all love it, and we all need it. What can we do? It’s just way too delicious! Yay for food! Of course, everything in moderation. However, even though we all love it, it doesn’t mean we have the same taste. All of us have different preferences when it comes to food. Some like fast food, some raw food, others like to cook, and then there is this smart squirrel. LOL! Let me tell you, she’s a true genius!

While her squirrel friends search for their food around the woods, this little one is on a whole other level. Instead of going around and collecting food, she has come up with a fantastic new way to get her daily peanut hand out. So, what does the smart squirrel do? Just wait! LOL!

She has decided to use her cuteness and she became friends with a family living not so far from her habitat. And not only that. She has also learned how to politely knock on the family’s door. You must be wondering why would she do all of this? Well, because they have peanuts. And what do squirrels love? Well, peanuts. What did I tell you? This is a very smart squirrel. She befriended them, and know she knocks on their door every day so they would give her the daily peanut hand out.

That’s one extremely smart squirrel, and I wouldn’t mind if one did the same thing to me. I would love to have a routine during the day where a squirrel would knock on my door, I would open it and feed her some delicious peanuts. They’re so adorable, and I would definitely give them all the food I have in the house. LOL! Don’t judge me! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. They way too cute! How could I not give them all the food ever?

Each time I try to get close to a squirrel, it runs away! Whyyyy? I would love to have a wonderful, happy squirrel running around my yard all day. That would be such a precious sight, just like this one from this video is.

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