Squirrel And Dog Have A Special Friendship

May 2, 2016

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We all know that dogs make for excellent guardians. They are called guard dogs for a reason! Whether they are put in charge of protecting us, the house, or the kids, dogs will go to amazing lengths to keep their loved ones safe! For many dogs, that means running off the deer, rabbits, and squirrels that come into our yards. But this squirrel and canine have a very different kind of relationship! Check out this dog and squirrel story! He is determined to serve and protect his little buddy by making sure the cat keeps his distance. We guess you could say that this lucky squirrel has a doggy-guard!
This squirrel is no fool! He definitely knows he’s safest on higher ground – in this case on top of the dog’s head. So he decides to get comfy right on top of the dog’s noggin.

squirrel has a doggy-guard
It doesn’t take long for it to become clear that the little guy made a good decision to stay right where he is because soon they get some unwanted company.

squirrel has a doggy-guard
We can’t blame the cat for being curious and wanting to get a closer look at the squirrel and dog duo. After all, you don’t see that every day! But as soon as the cat gets too close for the squirrel’s comfort, the doggy-guard sounds an alarm as a warning to the cat! (Proceed with extreme caution, cat!)

squirrel has a doggy-guard
The cat backs off but still sticks close by. So the dog continues to sound the alarm and even gives a warning look. Talk about some shade!

squirrel has a doggy-guard
Eventually, the doggy-guard decides staring is rude and thinks it’s time to end the standoff with the curious feline.

squirrel has a doggy-guard

Watch this intense standoff for yourself in the video below!

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