Squirrel Goes For A Dizzying Ride On A Bird Feeder

April 11, 2018

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When it comes to wild animals everyone considers raccoons to be thieves. Admittedly, this is mostly due to their bandit mask on their eyes and their totally thieving ways. That said, squirrels are secretly thieves as well. In fact, one might even consider them ninjas.
This squirrel thought that he was just going to steal some bird seed from a backyard…

The bird feeder that the squirrel is perched upon actually appears to be built in such a way that squirrels and other non-bird critters from stealing food. It is a long tube with small holes at the bottom. I assume that the wholes are there for bird beaks to poke through and snag some seeds. Looking at it, the difficulty for the squirrel is trying to hold on to the bird perch bars. And then shoving his paws into the bird peak holes. At least, that is how I would go about this. I mean, if I happened to be a squirrel that is.
But the bird feeder had other ideas! This is NOT going to end well for the squirrel.

The squirrel never quite gains control of the bird perch on the feeder. And, he definitely was not expecting it to spin. Why would you? The spin discombobulates the squirrel and he never quite manages to grab a steady grip on the bars. Meanwhile, the bar keeps on spinning. Eventually the poor squirrel is barely hanging on by his back paw as the perch takes him for a dizzying ride! Surprisingly, the squirrel never actually lets go of the perch. He is bound and determined to get to those notes no matter what, even if it means spinning himself dizzy.

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