Stubborn Baby Boy Learns He Likes Eating Spinach The Hard And Messy Way

May 16, 2018

Kids can be so stubborn! Even when they are just babies… Take a look at this video and see how one persistent mom defeated her baby’s stubbornness!

If you have ever tried to feed a baby, you’ll know that not many things in this world are as challenging as that. It takes a lot of nerves to endure endless screaming and temper tantrums when feeding your precious infant.

This adorable baby boy must be a fan of his milk or formula, but when it comes to spinach, that’s where he draws a line. Mom is desperate to trick him into tasting some of that delicious spinach, but she’s not having it! “Do you want some spinach?” He responds by screaming! He shakes his head in disapproval and makes the funniest face as he starts to cry. I can only guess what’s going through his head:

“No, mom! Why would I eat this horrible, mushy stuff, when I can drink delicious milk? You are not fair, mom, I don’t want to eat this!!!”

But that’s not even by far the funniest part! Mom is not giving up! Baby boy WILL have some spinach. So, he catches the convenient moment where the kid opens his mouth in disapproval (and this is one vocal kid). And in it goes! Mom manages to get a spoonful of spinach into the baby boy’s mouth. Mom FTW!

And the baby’s reaction is absolutely priceless! He stops crying immediately! His eyes go wide and he is obviously surprised! OMG, he was not expecting the spinach to taste so good! Good effort mom! See, there’s no giving up when you’re a parent. No matter how loud your kid is screaming! It’s for his own good! LOL!

Does your kid have a priceless reaction to food? We’d love to see it! Upload your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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