Surfer Chick Wipes Out In Hysterical Wave Pool Fail

September 10, 2018

I’m sure you agree that wave pools are freakin’ awesome!  You don’t need to drive hours to the beach anymore to catch some waves on a hot summer afternoon.  All you need to do is find a wave pool and you’ve got hours of wet and wild fun ahead.  I remember when I was a kid, wave pools were just kind of okay.  It was more like a ripple pool, where tiny waves would pump out and slowly roll out toward the shore.  Boy, have things changed! 

Wave pools today, like the one in this video, are mega powerful and pump out huge, awesome waves to boogie board on without having to go all the way to the beach. 

Man, I wish I was still a kid so I could ride the waves on one of these huge, modern wave pools today!

This funny teen girl seems a little nervous to drop in on her first wave ever.  It’s definitely scary to just throw yourself out there on a boogie board into the loud, monstrous waves.  I think it’s safe to say that this is for sure her first time in a wave pool because she got in with her shoes on.  LOL!  The lifeguard sees what’s up and flags her down, signaling to her to remove her shoes before she gets in to ride.  If you’re getting into a wave pool with shoes on, you probably don’t have much pool time under your belt at all.  It’s so funny how people forget simple things when they’re freaking out and nervous about trying something scary and new.  

Things are looking good after this teen takes her shoes off and prepares for her journey down the wave pool on a boogie board.  The lifeguard signals to her that it’s all clear and her time to drop into the huge crashing waves.  I know I would be freaking out too if I was about to body surf down a giant wave with a long line of people behind me watching!

This brave girl knows she’s got no way out now and decides to go for it!  She plops down on the board ready to rock and follows the lifeguard’s directions of where to aim toward.  Then, CRASH!  She’s stuck on the top of the wave and can’t get over the other side where the water will push her down.  Mom is laughing hysterically behind the camera at her teen’s first fail at the wave pool.

She doesn’t let one false start stop her!  She gets up and nudges the boogie board a little closer to the edge of the pool, then WOOSH!  She’s off and riding the huge wave down the pool on her board like a pro!  Just because it doesn’t go perfectly the first doesn’t mean you should give up and throw in the towel!

She soars down the pool at lightning speed and lands right where the lifeguard pointed her to. 

So far, it seems like this new surfer totally killed it and nailed her first run in a wave pool.  But she has no idea what’s about to happen!

Mom is ecstatic behind the camera cheering on her new surfer daughter.  

Then, the unexpected happens.  As she gets up and picks up her board, her feet slide right out from underneath her and she gets sucked back into the wave pool by the powerful waves.  I can’t stop laughing!  It literally looks like we’re watching her body surf down the wave in reverse!  I cannot believe how powerful that pool is that it can actually suck a whole human right back up to the top.  WOW!

After watching this crazy wave pool fail, I’m having second thoughts about wishing I was young enough today to ride in a powerful wave pool.  I think I’ll just stick to lazy rivers for now!

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