Stunned Football Fan Forgets He’s Holding His Baby

February 6, 2018

Things can change in an instant. Anyone who watches sports knows this all too well.
Sensing imminent victory, this dad, a huge New Orleans Saints fan, lifts up his baby daughter to share the joy of celebration with her.

Everything looked as though the Saints would win over the Vikings in this divisional playoff game a few weeks back. They had the lead and, even though Minnesota had the ball, time was quickly running out.

This dad was getting excited. A win here and his beloved Saints would be only two more victories away from playing in the Super Bowl! He needed a good luck charm, so he picked up his little girl, even transferring his Saints beanie-hat over to her for extra positive juju.
There was only one thing that could go wrong. And it did.

The dad dances around in his lazy Sunday sweats as his little cutie playfully grabs at his glasses. He’s feeling pretty good about how things are going. He tells her to look at the TV; it’s about to happen and he wants to experience this moment with her, to cherish it for years to come. Understandable, right?

You can hear announcer Joe Buck exclaiming “Caught!” when the Vikings receiver makes a miraculous catch, scoring a touchdown as time expires. The dad’s arms go limp, clearly numb from witnessing such devastation, and his daughter slides down to the floor. It looks like he snapped out of it soon after that.

I like sports as much as the next person, and have gone to all ends of the emotional spectrum watching them, but after witnessing this fan, I can take comfort in knowing I never came close to being that intense, LOL!

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