Tech-Forward Kitties Battle For Copy Machine Dominance

March 15, 2018

As the digital age progresses, cats are becoming more and more tech savvy. Sure they’re a little behind the times on the latest gadgets, but give them some credit: they’re catching up by the day, especially considering none of this stuff was made for them. In fact, if we don’t watch them closely, those cats just might make a play to surpass us one day.
A family of cats paws at a copy machine.

The scanner/printer/fax machine is fed a stack of papers, and the orange kitty in the foreground protects the machine, swatting away his grey and brown brother.

But this battle is not over, oh no it isn’t. Grey Brownie claps back big time, sucker punching that orange menace just when he let his guard down. Orange Puss is knocked off the table, but recovers quickly as his owner chuckles at his expense.
Talk about a copy cat! HI-OOOOO!

Grey and brown cats 2 and 3 hop up to take a look at the action, when Orange Puss reasserts himself as the alpha of the pack, blindsiding Grey Brownie with a lightning-quick paw barrage, knocking him from the table once and for all. At this point, a fourth grey and brown cat is briefly visible, begging the question: just how many felines does this person own?

This is only the beginning. Soon we’re gonna see cats photocopying their tails, sending faxes, scanning pet store receipts for their expense reports. Once a cat figures out how to use a smart phone, it’s all over. We’ll have vain cats SnapChatting incessantly, posting Instagram stories about their mouse-catching braggadocio, spamming us with clickbait “funny human videos” on Facebook, and Tweeting in all caps at various celebrities. Just you wait…

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