Teens Slap Happy While Pranking Friend With Spoon Slap Game

May 16, 2018

Can you say, slap happy?

It appears that the three people in this video have reached that time of the night. You know, when everything is just about ten times funnier than it would be otherwise. I call it the Slap Happy Witching Hour. It most often happens when you’re surrounded by friends, late at night and you’re playing the most ridiculous game imaginable. It’s a perfect storm of laughter — just like in this video!

Now, I’ve never seen this game played before so allow me to try to describe it. Here’s a game where you hold a wooden spoon in your mouth and, using the power in your neck and jaw, slap your friend on the head with said spoon. Sound weird? It is, but watch the video anyway.

Ideally, it wouldn’t hurt that much since our jaw and neck muscles aren’t particularly well developed or coordinated. That’s where cheating comes into play! The guy in the video is trying to slap his friend on the head with the spoon and he’s not doing a very good job. He keeps missing her head and failing to deliver anything more powerful than a faint tap. Meanwhile, when it’s his turn to get hit, the prank is that a third person is whacking him on the head with the spoon, like, really hard. He keeps recoiling in pain, not understanding how his friend is so much better at slapping his head with the wooden spoon. Meanwhile, all the others who are in on the joke laugh their butts off.

Who knows how many more rounds this poor guy endured before he finally figured out the ruse. Who knows if it matters, they’re laughing too hard to care!

Do you have a prank video that you’d love to share with us? If so, send it HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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