Teens Victory Dance Is Over When Ball Nails Her In The Face

August 8, 2018

After school practice can totally get boring doing the same drills day in and day out.  Why not have some fun, right?  Especially if you’re in high school!  High school isn’t the time to take life too seriously.  However, you have to remember that when you’re at volleyball practice, there are large balls traveling at high speeds all around you, so it’s a good idea to stay alert even when you’re having fun with your friends. 

This awesome teen is definitely the life of the party!  Instead of standing still while waiting for her turn to spike it over the net, she stirs it up by practicing her funky hip-hop moves.  I think this groovy girl is more suited for the dance team than for volleyball.  As she drops it like it’s hot, a couple balls come shooting toward her that she easily hits back on to the court.  

After performing the lawn mower for a minute, player #8 realizes that mom is in the stands recording her funky fresh moves!  OMG, that’s so embarrassing, right?!  Why do moms always show up with a camera at the worst time possible?  It’s like an unspoken law.  When you’re making a fool of yourself, you can always count on your mom to be there filming every second.  This teen’s cheeks turn bright red like a tomato once she realizes her mom is capturing her getting down on the court.

Just when she thinks the embarrassment is over, it’s not.  Traveling at light speed, a volleyball comes plummeting toward her and nails her right in the head, knocking her to the ground with force.  Forget about her dance moves, now her friends are really entertained!  Mom laughs hysterically as she continues to record every second of her kid’s embarrassing fail.  This is one video that this family will never erase!


OUCH!  That’s no joke when a ball comes racing toward you at 80 mph!  No wonder it knocked this strong little girl straight down to the ground.  A volleyball is spherical and made of leather or synthetic leather.  It is 26 inches in diameter and weighs almost 10 ounces.  Now, it may not weigh very much, but when it soars through the air at 80 mph, you don’t want to be in its path.  Getting hit by a volleyball can really hurt!


The pass, also called the reception, is the attempt by a team to properly handle the opponent’s serve or any form of attack.  This is what our hip-hop teen was supposed to be doing on the court.  Proper handling includes not only preventing the ball from touching the court but also making it reach the position where the setter is standing quickly and precisely.

The skill of passing involves fundamentally two specific techniques: underarm pass, or bump, where the ball touches the inside part of the joined forearms or platform, at waistline; and overhand pass, where it is handled with the fingertips, like a set, above the head.  Either is acceptable in professional and beach volleyball; however, there are much tighter regulations on the overhand pass in beach volleyball.

I think it’s safe to say that in the future, this little athlete will pay more attention to oncoming spikes than performing her hip-hop moves, especially when mom is in the stands recording everything!

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