That Awkward Moment When You Get Your Braces Stuck To The Carpet

March 1, 2019

I had braces for almost five years. By the time I had them removed, they had been on me for more than one third of my life. And this is a few decades ago when braces were clunkier. And yet I can comfortably say I never got them caught on anything or anyone. Remember hearing that urban legend that if you were making out with someone with braces you could get them locked? I don’t think that ever actually happened to anyone. Yet this video is proof that braces were at least capable of ensnaring something. Just be glad your brace days are over as you watch that awkward moment when you get your braces stuck to the carpet!

How did this happen? Was she… making out with the floor?

What do you think you’d do if you got your braces caught on the carpet? It’s not an ideal circumstance because there isn’t much you can do. It’s not like you can take a breather and clear your head for a minute. You’re gonna be face to face with the ground until you figure out how to get unstuck. That’s pretty much what happens here. The video starts with this teen girl face down on the ground. Her braces are stuck on the carpet. Her family is trying to help but they don’t really know where to start. Where do you start in a situation like this? Pretty much your only option is yanking the head! Easier said than done, that could result in either loose braces or teeth. Either way, not ideal.

The carpet ensnared her braces like velcro!

I won’t give away the ending. But rest assured, she isn’t still stuck to the carpet. Her family isn’t forced to feed her tiny morsels of food one bit at a time until they figure out how to get her unstuck. It’s not like she’s fallen down a well and no one knows how to save her. She’s just fine. With that said, I’d still like to know how the heck this happened in the first place. I can see putting your face on the carpet, as if you were using it as a pillow. What I can’t understand is why you’d have your mouth open such that the carpet can tangle with your braces. I’m guessing we’ll never know how this happened. Something tells me this teen girl is eager to turn the chapter on her braces carpet adventure.

Check out her expression at the end!

Thankfully this video has a happy ending. It could’ve been a lot worse. They have to call the jaws of life to pry her off the floor. Or an emergency home-visit from the orthodontist who painstakingly unweaves the carpet from her braces. Either way, I’m sure this girl is eager for this video not to be seen. So… sorry about that! Do you have a hilarious video that would grossly embarrass your teenage son or daughter? If so, we’re dying to see it! Send it HERE!

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