The 5 Funniest Videos Of Dogs Eating Human Food

September 12, 2018

If you’re a dog owner, then you know all about the struggle to keep your dog from stealing your food right off your plate.  Think you can walk away for 5 seconds and your food will still be there?  Think again.  Even though they’re sneaky food thieves, we still love our adorable furry best friends.  Here are the 5 funniest videos of dogs eating human food that you will ever see!

1.  This Frenchie Loves Mac And Cheese

If you can honestly say that you don’t love cheesy, gooey mac and cheese, then you must be from another planet.  Whether you’re a kid or a full grown adult, there is a variety of mac and cheese for everyone.  Apparently, even dogs love mac and cheese like this adorable Frenchie who will do anything to reach every last noodle on the table!


2.  Determined Beagle Won’t Stop Until He Gets A Burger

Imagine being the only one at the backyard BBQ who doesn’t get to enjoy a thick, juicy burger while hanging out on a summer afternoon.  I totally get it!  If I was this beagle, I would do anything to get my paws on a delicious burger too.  

3.  Health Conscious Golden Retriever Goes Bonkers For Corn

Everyone knows that one of the best foods at a summer BBQ is buttery corn on the cobb.  No backyard BBQ is complete without it, and even this cool golden retriever knows it.  You better guard your plate, or this dude might steal your corn on the cobb before you even know what hit you!

4.  The Cutest Guilty Dog Reveals He’s Hiding Tater Tots In His Mouth

If you’re a human, you probably know what it feels like to be caught red-handed indulging in your favorite, not-so-healthy treat.  Whether your guilty pleasure is a salty snack or a sweet treat, you know that embarrassing feeling when someone catches you in the kitchen late night quietly munching on the one thing you know you’re not supposed to be eating.

Well, this precious pup is no different when he gets caught with a mouthful of tater tots by his mom.  LOL!  He feels so shameful and guilty that he can’t help but open up his mouth and spit out the wad of tater tots that he almost got to chomp down in private.  But mom caught him red-handed, and not only that, she had the camera ready to go to capture this hilarious, embarrassing moment for her adorable furball friend.  You will laugh and cry at the same time!

5.  Lady And The Tramp Got Nothin’ On This Noodle Slurping Pup!

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who can argue that spaghetti isn’t one of the best foods in the world!  There’s nothing better than slurping up saucey noodles with your friends and family on a summer weekend night.  Sometimes you just have to let the carb counting go and indulge in a giant plate of spaghetti and meatballs to satisfy your inner foodie!

This pup understands your undying love for spaghetti!  He will jump and reach as high as he can to get a hold of that spaghetti noodle!

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