The 5 Funniest Videos Of Dorky Dads Playing It Cool

October 12, 2018

There’s nothing funnier than dads who try to be cool like their kids.  As adorable as they are, they don’t always pull it off.  The 5 funniest videos of dorky dads playing it cool are right here and will make you laugh hard!

1.  Wannabe Skater Dad Attempts DIY Backyard Ramp

I’ll give this funny dad credit – skateboarding is much harder than it looks.  But if these little guys can pull off tricks on the backyard ramp, why wouldn’t this dad be able to also, right?  Ready to go in his helmet, this dad teeters his skateboard off the side of the DIY ramp.  His funny son really thinks he should wear knee pads, but this dorky dad doesn’t think he’ll need them.  Dad gets ready to drop on to the ramp when all of the sudden, his son warns him that he’s doing it all wrong!  His son screams, “No! No!” as his dorky dad takes off down the ramp with totally poor form.  In a millisecond, the skateboard shoots out from underneath him and he lands on his butt hard!  Ouch!  Mom is laughing hysterically behind the camera and I’m sure she’s thrilled that she caught her dorky husband’s fail on camera!


2.  Funny Dad Totally Freaks Out During VR Game

If you’ve ever worn a VR headset, then you know how realistic the sensations are.  It’s almost impossible to believe that you’re not actually in the setting of the video game.  The sights, sounds, and sensations can be freakishly overwhelming and it’s easy to forget that you’re just sitting on your couch with your kids watching you.  This dorky dad is clearly experiencing VR for the first time.  He seems cool and calm then all of the sudden, he totally freaks out and screams at the top of his lungs!  His kids laugh hysterically as they watch their dad go nuts over the VR game!

3.  Dorky Dad Tries To Relive His Kung Fu Glory Days

There’s nothing sweeter than watching a dad try to bond with his son.  Clearly, this dude had a thriving past in karate, and he’s excited to show off his skills to his son.  Ready to go with the boards, his son instructs him to kick high.  He assumes the position, and kung fu dad kicks high with all his might.  Looks like he’s lost a little bit of his flexibility!  His standing foot shoots right out from underneath him and he crashes on the kitchen floor while everyone laughs hysterically.  Ah, poor dud

4.  Nerdy Dad Just Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Ride A Hoverboard

Technology can be overwhelming as you get older, that’s for sure.  Sometimes you just have to accept that you’ll just never be able to catch up with what the young kids are doing these days.  This funny dad REALLY doesn’t get the concept of how to ride on a hoverboard.  Even with his whole family acting as training wheels, he can’t grasp the flow to glide around on his own.

5.  Funny Dad Tries To Show Off On Trampoline

This funny dad thinks he’s got moves to teach his son on the trampoline, but watch what happens instead!

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