The 5 Most Catastrophic Sledding Wipeouts Are Right Here

January 4, 2019

Winter is here and if you love a good sledding trip, then you will laugh hard at these total wipeouts.  Sledding is awesome but can also be really dangerous when something goes wrong.  The 5 most catastrophic sledding wipeouts are right here!

1.  Daredevil kid flies off his sled and face plants in a pile of mud.

You won’t know whether to laugh or feel bad for this cute little kid who totally eats it on his sled.  Watch him try to ride his sled STANDING UP and going flying off and into a giant pile of mud.  When dad comes around with the camera to assess the damage, the funny kid looks up with a faceful of mud.  At least he was laughing and not crying!


2.  Mother/daughter sled ride with a selfie stick goes awry when disaster strikes!

There’s nothing better than some good old mother/daughter quality time.  These two are living it up on the sledding slopes and decide to bring along a selfie stick to record their journey down the hill.  They happily sail down the hill on their sled when out of nowhere, BAM!  Watch and see what happens in the end!

3.  Adorable little boy crashes hard in slow-mo epic sledding fail!

Poor little dude!  Watch this kid go racing down the hill and hit a bump on his sled.  In slow-mo, he tumbles forward while his sled goes flying in the air.  Better luck next time, kid!

4.  Cute little sledder trips and eats it hard before she even makes it down the hill.  LOL!

Watch this sweet little girl who’s ready to show off her daredevil sledding stunt for her dad behind the camera.  She runs, she jumps, and she trips hard before she even gets going on her sled.  Fail!

5.  Crazy little boy plows into a snowman with his sled!

Here’s a way to take down a snowman…run into him with your sled!  Check out this funny little kid’s sledding fail!

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