The Daddy Makeover Out Of Your Worst Nightmares

February 19, 2019

As a result of working at AFV, I’ve seen a lot of daddy makeovers. That’s when a little girl takes her mommy’s makeup and tries to make her dad look pretty. They’re usually hilarious because they feature a big, burly guy covered in gobs of pink makeup. The dads put up with the sometimes excruciating experience because they simply can’t say no to their little girls. But the makeover in this video really takes the cake. Because it looks like the kids in this video conducted their makeover with not only makeup but marker and maybe even paint and glitter? Let’s just say, we’re not jealous of this dad today! Check out the daddy makeover out of your worst nightmares!

He looks like a punk rocker.

How would you describe this dad makeover? Severe? Terrifying? Have you ever seen a dad makeover quite like this? I think the best part of this whole video is the expression on this dad’s face. Does he even open his eyes the entire first half of the video? To be honest, he seems a little afraid to open his eyes and see what’s happened to his face. I’d love to see the expression of his coworkers when he shows up to work the next day with one large black marker eyebrow. 

Did they use permanent marker?

I’m guessing he didn’t know they were drawing an eye brow line on his forehead using thick permanent marker. Even the most patient, understanding daddies probably wouldn’t allow that to happen. If he was fully aware of all they were doing to him and still approved, this dad deserves the Noble Peace Prize. It’s not every day you find a dad like this guy. I mean, just look at his silver lips. It honestly looks like he’s getting ready for a grunge metal concert. Perhaps those parents need to have a conversation with their daughter before she starts wearing makeup about ‘tasteful’ applications!

Just watch his reaction when he finally gets a look at what happened!

He eventually opens his eyes and takes a look in the mirror. His entire family laughs their butts off as he gets his first glimpse. He can’t even help but crack a smile. We even hear him remark he almost looks like a member of the band Kiss. Not far off. His face does look a bit clownish. What would you do if this happened to you? What if you looked in the mirror and suddenly your face looked like that? Don’t get me wrong, I’d have a good laugh. But probably the next question would be where’s the makeup remover!? Is there any way I can look like a non-clown before the end of today? That is, instead of having to wait two weeks for the marker to fade? Something tells me this dad is gonna keep a mirror handy the next time his daughter wants to give him a makeover.

Got a daddy makeover you’d love to share? We wanna see it! Send it HERE!


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