The Five Funniest Videos Of Cops Off The Clock

January 10, 2019

We all know being a police officer is a really tough job. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of police officers with a really good sense of humor. And they’re about to show it off in these five videos. What do cops do when off the clock? As it turns out, they make hilarious videos and send them to AFV! Check out the five funniest videos of cops off the clock!

Okay, okay, so the first clip probably features officers who are on the clock. But that shouldn’t keep them from dancing like they are. It’s like a dance party in the street! Someone has music playing, and these cops are on the traffic beat today (think: easy). So what a perfectly fitting time to start a YMCA flash mob?! You can see the three officers are really dancing their butts off. And it’s contagious enough to get another bystander to join in!

Ever seen a YMCA flash mob quite like this one?


Cops are brave, but that doesn’t mean they’re always fearless. Some officers are terrified of the same things you and I are. We can’t quite tell what gives this cop the jolt of his life, but I’m guessing it’s small.

Just because you’re a cop doesn’t mean you can’t be afraid of a tiny spider!

Talk about principled, this cop arrested his own baby for public “intoxication”!

Babies aren’t just getting public intox tickets, they’re also receiving speeding summons.

Further proof cops are really cracking down on these unruly babies!

Finally, if you think babies pose a risk, then dogs surely do as well. Can’t take any chances. Gotta pat them down. Watch as these cops pat down their dogs to make sure they don’t have any bones hiding in their fur.

This is the cutest frisking I’ve ever seen.

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