The Four Most Brilliant Ways To Deal With The Snow

January 7, 2019

Okay, odds are you’ve already seen some snow this year. And odds are even higher you’re not thrilled about it. Don’t get me wrong, snow is majestic and beautiful. But it also makes driving harder, it’s cold as heck… the list of negatives is endless. But when it comes to snow, some people out there are truly glass is half full kinda people. The next four videos feature folks who were given lemons (in the form of snow) and made lemonade. Check out the four most brilliant ways to deal with the snow!

This first video features a family that’s trying a very unique way to shovel their roof. That I would absolutely not suggest you try at home! There’s too much snow on their roof, which can be a hazard because snow is so heavy. So someone has to get it off. Thankfully, their roof is slanted. And as luck would have it, if they all jump at the same time, an avalanche of snow will fall, cushioning their own descent!

That is one very scary way to shovel the roof!


Now, if you’re already tired of shoveling, maybe you can elicit some help from a neighbor kid. Or, as in the case of this video, perhaps your dog can give you a helping hand.

I’d pay $2500 for a shoveling dog!

Here’s a guy who’s all mind over matter. Sure, it’s a winter blizzard outside. But that doesn’t matter if he just pretends like he’s on summer vacation.

Check out this guy act out like he’s on summer vacation in the middle of a blizzard!

Finally, what good AFV compilation would be complete without a clip of parents messing with their kids? These kids are having a great time in the hot tub despite the freezing weather. That is, until their dad puts a shovel full of snow in there with them!

The snow cools down that hot tub pretty darn fast!

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