The Funniest Amusement Park Videos

October 10, 2018

Summer has officially ended. Which means there won’t be any more trips to the amusement park until next year. Is there anything more fun than going to an amusement park? That is, unless you hate rides. As it turns out, plenty of visitors to amusement parks end up hating the rides they go on. And fortunately for us, there’s video of lots of them! So let’s take a look back at the funniest amusement park videos! 

This first amusement park video is pretty hilarious. The video starts after everyone’s already been strapped into the ride. Which is the moment that regret starts to sink in. And this guy isn’t afraid to let his family knows he hates them for making him go on this ride! But as it turns out, he won’t have to worry much about experiencing the ride itself. Because once it starts, he very quickly passes out! That’s right, you don’t even hear him scream or continue yelling at his family. He just loses consciousness and sits their pretty quietly. I’m sure that was a nice reprieve for his family! But here’s the best part…

Once he regains consciousness, he says, “Are we still on this ride?!”


This next amusement park video features a little girl meeting Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. There’s nothing like watching your kid meet their hero in real life. But you can really tell how much this girl cares about Gaston when she meets him. Because she gives him a hug lasts… maybe a little too long. In fact, we don’t really know exactly how long it lasted because the video starts once she’s started the hug. It could’ve been minutes!

I think even Gaston is taken aback with how long this hug lasts!

Here’s another amusement park ride video – but the woman in this video isn’t as passive about hating the ride as the guy in the first video. In fact, one could conservatively call this a freakout video! Here’s a woman on the Slingshot ride at the carnival. And the moment it starts, she is not having it. And you can instantly tell how much she hates it from the devilish grunts and groans she emits.

This woman riding the Slingshot sounds like she’s possessed and undergoing an exorcism. 

Finally, we’ve saved the best amusement park video for last. Here’s a POV video of someone riding a roller coaster. Looks like a blast. But keep your eyes on the back of the head of the woman in front of him. Because once the coaster takes a particularly sharp turn, her wig flies off! You even hear her say “my wig flew off!” It might be a little embarrassing for her. But probably not considering if you really care about how your wig looks, you might want to make sure it’s particularly well secured when you’re riding roller coasters!

Here’s hoping no one else noticed this lady’s wig flew off on this roller coaster!

Anyway, hopefully these videos will hold you over until next summer!

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