The Funniest Attempts To Clean That Failed Miserably

September 14, 2018

Here’s the one thing I can say about these attempts to clean: at least they tried!

Are you good at cleaning? Because I’m not. Not only am I not good at cleaning, I’m told I’m even worse at figuring out when to clean. Sound familiar? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live in filth. Although my wife might be the one to thank for that. When it comes to figuring out when it’s time to clean, I’m not great at it. Like, I know when the floor is dirty because at the end of the day the bottom of my socks are black from filth. But when it comes to the bathroom, I need some serious help. My bathroom regresses to looking more like a dungeon before I consider picking up a sponge.

Here’s what I need: a couple kids to help me clean like the ones in this hilarious video. Clearly these kids are just trying to help clean up the backyard, get the leaves out of the fire pit. But their overzealous attempt to use the leaf blower, as you can imagine, backfires in the most hilarious way.


Can someone dust them off please?

If you ask me, one of the big reasons to have kids is to make them do chores around the house. All you gotta do is pay them a weekly allowance, which is way below minimum wage, and they feel lucky to have it! It’s win win, if you ask me. But the only shortcoming of that source of labor is that kids get tired pretty quickly. Their bodies are smaller, weaker and less muscular than ours. So that means they need more naps. And as it turns out, sometimes they can’t even control where they nap. Sometimes they’re so tired, they have no choice but to lie down right where they are and take a snooze. As luck would have it, sometimes there’s a video camera nearby and we capture a hilarious ‘quiet’ moment like in this video. Here’s a kid who’s so sleepy, he just lies down on the vacuum cleaner and naps while his dad cleans up.

How hilarious is that? Maybe that kid likes the hum and the heat associated with the vacuum cleaner. Maybe it helps him sleep better. I remember whenever my mom would vacuum, the cleaner would get really hot and I’d snuggle with it once she was done. I actually could use one of those right now!

That’s the beauty of cleaning I suppose, it brings every one together. Also, the place is cleaner afterwards too. Whether it’s the kids or the adults or even the pets coming together to help clean everything up. Just like in this video, where a cat realizes the window is too dirty so he’ll clean it up by licking it. 

So there you have it. Maybe this post has inspired you to get off the couch and do a little sweeping. More than likely, these videos were too hilarious for you to move. Nap time? Have fun!

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