The 3 Funniest Videos Of Kids Hating Their Presents

September 20, 2018

Only a kid would reject a present given to them for free. Watching a kid open a present is so funny because “It’s the thought that counts” is a philosophy that doesn’t really enter their consciousness until they turn eight or ten. Every time you give them something, be it a present or nightly free dinner, they feel comfortable wholly rejecting it. I guess that’s the perk of being a child. 

Let’s get to the videos. The first one features the youngest child of all. He’s probably two or three years old, barely verbal. But that doesn’t make much of a difference because…

Even if he had a vocabulary of two hundred thousand words, something tells me he’d still frown and re-wrap this gift in the ultimate sign of rejection.

This video is the funniest because he doesn’t have to say a word. Just watch his face. Watch the look of sheer disinterest when he unwraps whatever is behind the pretty tissue paper and then…moments later…rewraps it again. A hearty “no thanks” from this little guy! 


The next video isn’t so much about a kid who rejects his presents, rather a kid who has very, very particular and unique tastes in Christmas gifts. Did your kid ever ask for something really weird for Christmas? Whatever weird thing they might have asked for, I’m guessing this kid can beat it. 

In fact, this kid pretty much has the funniest taste in presents I’ve ever seen. 

Because he doesn’t want toys. He doesn’t want your standard candy. All he wants for Christmas is cough drops. His parents know it. Because they make sure Santa does not forget to bring the one thing this little guy is dreaming of. The video opens with this little guy asking for cough drops weeks before Christmas. Suddenly, the video cuts to Christmas morning, wrapping paper strewn throughout the living room, but you can just tell in his eyes something is missing. Fortunately for him, that something is the last present for him to unwrap. He discovers that Santa didn’t forget what he wants most, an economy sized bag of cough drops. This might be the funniest kid on Christmas morning of all time.

How about this last video? This poor guy happens to have a birthday right near Christmas. The curse of the December birthday – sometimes their birthday and Christmas gifts get conflated. Nothing worse than losing out on all your normal birthday presents because mom and dad can’t count how many gifts they got you for Christmas! And this little guy is on edge about it, as you can tell from this video.

He unwraps the Christmas gift and initially he’s quite excited – until it dawns on him that this was supposed to be a birthday gift!

“Birthday, not Christmas mom!” There’s gonna be hell to pay:

There you have it. These are the funniest videos we can find of kids being very particular about what they get as presents. Maybe use this video as therapy next time you give your kid something and they immediately hurl it in the trash!

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