The Funniest Future Sports Superstars Are Right Here

October 9, 2018

Toddlers may be new to walking, but that doesn’t mean they’re not athletic!  These kids definitely have a bright future ahead for them as pro sports players.  The funniest future sports superstars are right here and they are adorably cute!

Funny Toddler Does Victory Dance On The Bowling Lane

Bowling is such a fun sport for the whole family!  It’s not easy though.  It takes crazy skills and tons of practice to nail a strike or a spare.  Form is everything when it comes to throwing the ball straight down the alley.  If your aim isn’t on point, your ball is going to end up rolling down the gutter on the side of the lane and your teammates will not be happy.

This funny little boy is so excited that it’s his turn to send the bowling ball plummeting down the lane.  With the help of his mom, he sets up his shot and throws the ball onto the lane with all his might.  Surprisingly, the bowling ball starts rolling down the middle of the lane heading for the pins.  This tiny kid is so excited that he starts performing a crazy victory dance for the camera before he even finds out if his ball hit any pins!  He could care less about his score, he’s just ready to dance and celebrate!


Tiny Kung Fu Masters Duke It Out In Karate Class

This video will make you LOL!  Two funny little boys are practicing their kicks and punches on each other in karate class.  Suited up in protective helmets, they jab and kick at each other while their karate master mediates the face off.  Mom is behind the camera laughing hysterically as she watches this tiny tot karate duel.  These two little dudes are absolutely adorable!

Future Michael Jordan Nails Every Free Throw!

This funny toddler has got mad hoops skills!  Whether he’s shooting from his high chair or standing on the countertop, he nails every shot like a pro.  His parents must be so excited that they’re raising a future NBA star!  He can shoot from behind the net, from sitting down on the floor, or from running toward the basket on the carpet and makes the shot every time.  It’s all net with this little fella!  His parents must be so proud of his basketball skills!

Frustrated Mini Golfer Throws Tantrum On The Course

Whether you’re a toddler or an adult, mini golf is hard.  It can be super frustrating when you just can’t put the golf ball into the hole.  Mini golf courses are full of little tricks and traps to make it really hard to get a hole in one.  This funny little boy tries and tries, but just can’t seem to put the ball in the hole.  After several tries, he gives up and throws his club down on the ground in frustration.  Poor little guy!

Future Rock Climber Is Determined To Make It To The Top!

This funny little boy has found a giant rock at the amusement park, and he is determined to climb all the way to the top!  With a little boost from dad, he’s off and climbing!

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