The Funniest Golf Cart Daredevils That Will Shock You

October 5, 2018

Golf carts are awesome and super fun to drive around on and off the course.  Some folks like to get REALLY crazy with their golf carts though!  Watch the funniest golf cart daredevils that will shock you when you see what they do!

Bros Committing “Carticular Manslaughter”

New viral trends are always popping up on YouTube, but this is one crazy.  Dudes running each over with golf carts on the golf course at top speed!  Beware next time you go on an innocent golfing trip with your buddies!  One of them might be planning on running you over like road kill to gain some views online.  This is SO dangerous, I can barely watch it!  I highly doubt this guy is going to ever golf with these friends ever again!  What started as a fun day on the course with friends could have turned into a trip to the hospital for this unsuspecting dude.  Poor guy!



Two Dudes Take Their Golf Cart Offroading And Crash Hard!

Golf carts are durable, but they’re not designed for all terrain.  A smooth, green, grassy golf course is very different from an offroading track in backwoods!  These two funny bros are ready to show off for the camera as they come pummeling around the corner in their golf cart at top speed.  Ready to pull off a hairpin spin, they brace themselves and grab onto the rails of the cart.  The driver hits the sharp turn at top speed and BAM!  The golf cart flips over and launches the two daredevils right out of the cart!  Maybe it’s a good idea for golf carts to come equipped with seat belts for safety?  Dirt flies everywhere as these funny guys crash their cart hard into the ground.

Funny Boy Gets Towed In An Office Chair By Golf Cart

Something tells me that the driver of this golf cart is a few years too young to be plowing down the street towing his buddy behind him in an office chair?  I don’t think anyone of the legal driving age would agree that this stunt would be a good idea to pull off. 

This funny boy has stolen his parent’s rolling office chair out of the house and strapped it to the back of the golf cart.  The driver of the cart takes off, towing this kid behind him in the rolling office chair.   TOTALLY a safe idea!  This funny kid is going for the ride of his life as his friend charges down the street pulling him behind.  You can just tell that this is going to end in disaster!  This kid is laughing his face off until his friend hits a dirt patch and BAM!  The office chair flips and sends the kid flying!  Luckily, he seems okay, but I doubt his parents will let him pull this off again when they find out where their chair went!

Show Off Daredevil Topples Over In Slow Mo

This funny guy is ready to show off his trick in reverse for the camera!  Confident and ready to go, he puts the golf cart in reverse and slowly back it up.  As he tries to turn the corner in reverse, he topples over in slow-mo and totally crashes!  I bet his wife is so happy she caught this fail on camera!

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