The Funniest Guilty Dog Videos

October 10, 2018

Have you ever noticed that dogs are really bad at hiding their emotions? When they’re happy, they jump and bark and lick. When they’re sad, they give you that puppy dog face, droopy and sad. And when they feel guilty, well, they cower and avoid all eye contact. It’s one of the cutest things about dogs, is that they seemingly feel regret and mirror our emotions. And these four videos feature exactly that – dogs that have gotten into trouble with their owners. And the remorse they show. These are the funniest guilty dog videos!

The first funniest guilty dog video features a pair of white dogs that decided to eat some toilet paper while their owner was gone. She comes home to a house full of tiny shards of tissue. They might’ve had fun then, but not now! When she confronts them, she finds that one of her dogs has already put himself in his cage! It’s like he knows what’s coming and has volunteered for purgatory.

Have you ever seen a dog put himself in his own cage like it’s jail?


The second funniest guilty dog video features my favorite guilty dog trait of all. Whenever a dog knows he’s in trouble, he won’t make eye contact with his owner. There’s just something about the guilt they can’t stand. So when this owner starts scolding his dogs, just watch how they won’t look at him. At one point, they both literally look away at the same time. 

How cute is it that guilty dogs refuse to make eye contact their owner when they’ve been bad!?

The next funniest guilty dog video features a dog that has a unique way of showing guilt. The video starts with a dog that’s trapped himself on a high chair. It appears that he climbed an object he didn’t know how to get off. So his owner starts recording her conversation with him. She peppers him with questions about how he got that high up. But the meat of the interaction is when she gets close and you can see how this dog shows his guilt. He puts the craziest, meanest look on his face. It’s almost like he’s angry he got caught, not sorry or sad. Can dogs be psychopaths?

This guilty dog sure does look more angry than somber.

The final funniest guilty dog video is probably my favorite. This woman has three dogs and one of them ate her cookie. And she’s quickly able to determine which dog is guilty. By showing the empty plate to all three, she can gauge their reactions. The first two merely sniff and lick the plate of its crumbs (not too suspicious). But the third and final dog has a much different reaction – he turns around and runs away. He can’t even face the evidence of his crime. How hilarious are these dogs that somehow know we’re angry at them!?

I’ve never seen a guilty dog cower quite like this one!

Next time your dog gets in trouble, make sure you have a video camera handy!

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