The Funniest, Muddiest Videos You’ll Ever See

October 30, 2018

Now that summer is over and we’re getting into the heart of fall, there’s one thing we’re all experiencing more of… mud! Fall might be one of the muddiest seasons right after spring. So why don’t we pay homage to the bane of all parents existence – mud. These next videos are some of the muddiest clips we could find in the AFV library. Sit back and enjoy the funniest, muddiest videos you’ll ever see.

The first funniest, muddiest video you’ll ever see features a courageous dude who thinks he’s capable of leaping over a small creek. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t make it. But that’s fine, he still probably did better than I would. But the point is, the particular creek he decided to leap over happens to be lined with ankle deep accumulations of mud. He probably should’ve sent out an expedition to explore the area around the creek before taking the leap. Because once he lands, the lower third of his leg disappears into eighteen inches of mud. That wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t also lose his shoe in the process. I bet it’ll take him a few minutes of digging around to find it again. Whoever does his laundry won’t be thrilled.

Check out this guy lose his entire shoe in a pit of mud!


The next funniest, muddiest video you’ll ever see might be my favorite. Here’s a dad who deserves to win the Father of the Year Award. He knows that his kids, like all kids, love getting filthy and playing in the mud. But instead of fighting their filthy instincts to romp around all day in the mud, he embraces it. So he hitches a small sleigh to the back of his ATV and takes his kids for a spin around the backyard. Something tells me that it was just recently raining because these kids are absolutely caked in mud by the end. They’re almost unrecognizable! These kids look like they’ve been covered by ash from a nearby volcano eruption. Can you imagine how much fun they’re having actually getting covered in mud? They’re basically living my absolute number one dream from the ages of five to twelve!

Check out how muddy these kids are once they take off their goggles!

The final funniest, muddiest video you’ll ever see doesn’t feature a child at all. In fact, it’s a grown adult who just happens to be acting like a child. This guy is riding his ATV in some backwoods somewhere and he’s clearly itching to take it for a wild ride. We see him pop a few wheelies before he gets the idea to ride his ATV through the nearby mud puddle. Here’s a suggestion for you: make sure the puddle isn’t deeper than a foot or two. Imagine the look of surprise on his face when he realized the mud puddle he was driving through was about four feet deep.

Listen to his friends laugh when this guy’s ATV topples over in the waist deep mud puddle! 

Stay clean out there, everyone!

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